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Friday, 6 August 2010

Snakes and Elephants

13:00 hours, Just got home from work early to get ready for holiday to be greeted by a distraught wife!
' There's a snake in the flower pots ' she exclaimed, on closer inspection a fantastic Elephant Hawkmoth Caterpillar was found!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

House Martins revisited

Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd of August saw the House Martins revisited at Horning Hall and Waxham respectively.
At Horning 26 birds were caught with 17 new and 9 retraps of which 21 were adults and 5 juv's. 5 of the retraps were ringed this year and the other 4 from 2009.
The 2 Barn Owl chicks were also ringed.
At Waxham 21 birds were caught with 13 new and 8 retraps, all from this year. 17 were adults and 4 juveniles.

 Arthur looking rather surprised that we have caught anything !


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Garden Ringing

On Sunday morning one 40 foot net was put up in the garden for a couple of hours.
This resulted in 22 new birds being ringed, all of them juveniles.
Dunnock 3
Robin 4
Blue Tit 9
Great Tit 3
Chaffinch 3

The Robins were in various plumages from completely speckled to a few signs of red coming through.

The speckly one

Some red

Even more red