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Monday, 14 March 2011

Return of the Linnets

All but one of the Snow Buntings have gone North on their travels now, this has left the seed free for some Linnets to feed on. 19 were seen feeding the weekend before so we thought it was worth a go on Saturday.
We arrived at Caister for 5.45am, as we approached a Snow Bunting could be seen feeding on the seed.
The whoosh net was set and then we waited for the Linnets to arrive.

5M Linnet

5M Linnet, Red starting to come through.

5M Linnet , White (persil white) on the inner primaries nearly reaching the shaft.

1st Winter (male) Linnet tail feathers with the centre pair and right feather being replaced adult type.

21 were caught, all being new birds. 11 were Males and 10 Females with 4 adults and the rest 1st. Winter's (5).
There was probably another 10/15 in the area, they are hard to count as they don't fly around in one big flock, but arrive in 2's and 3's.

5F Linnet

5F Linnet, much more bolder streaked.

5F Linnet, less white (dull white) in wing not reaching the shaft.

1st. Winter Linnet (female) tail feathers, all juvenile.

The only other birds of note seen were 'squadrons' of Cormorants, at least 400 were seen flying from the West and landing on the sea.

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