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Monday, 28 February 2011

Snow Bunting again...

Sunday morning saw the team arriving at Caister  for 6am , it was still dark with a moderate NE blowing making it feel quite chilly.
 The local Blackbirds were very vocal, proclaiming there territory's. 
The net was set, then the wait began, unusually there were none about at dawn !
60 have been seen on and off for the last couple of weeks but have been very jumpy.
After about half an hour 26 turned up and then proceeded to fly around for the next half an hour  and when they did land they were very unsettled.
Eventually after several feeding flurries they settled enough to catch a few.
15 Were caught comprising of 7 new, 6  retraps (all from this Winter) and 2 controls (one from Kessingland, Suffolk,the other control was VE82059 ringed right leg any takers?)

1st. Winter (5) Female Insulae race.

1st. Winter Female Insulae Tail. 

10 were of the Insulae race , 4 Nivalis and one unraced. All had a fat score of at least 2 so presumably are getting ready to move on soon.

1st. Winter (5) Male Nivalis race.

1st. Winter Male Nivalis wing & tail pattern.

The net was taken in as it was felt we would not get another opportunity, however 10 minutes later the rest of the flock turned up, another  34 ! You can't win them all. 
10 Linnet were in the area and several flew over the seed to investigate. Also seen was a very lost Brent Goose that landed on the sea then twice  flew inland .

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