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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

One bird doesn't make an invasion.

As the weekend was upon us once more we were again at Winterton, Saturday dawned dry and dull but still with the persistent Westerly.
There were a few Thrushes about early on and the odd Jay calling in the woods, later on when doing a net round 12 Jays were seen coming in off the sea. There have been a lot of Jays arriving all along the East Anglian coast recently due to the failure of the acorn crop in Scandinavia  today was going to be the day! Sadly we only caught one, a first for the year, so not exactly an invasion, yet!

One of the invaders.

It seemed quiet again, apart from the Jays, but we had a respectable total of 102 birds with 92 being new to ring, Goldcrest being the most handled again, you can never get tired of these tiny waifs.

15/10/12 Winterton (retraps in brackets)

Meadow Pipit 8
Wren 12 (2)  one originally ringed 06/09/09 as a bird of that year.
Dunnock 2 (3) one from 12/09/09
Robin 4
Blackbird 5
Song Thrush 2
Blackcap 7
Chiffchaff 3
Goldcrest 16 (1)
Long-tailed Tit 8 (3) 2 from October 2011
Blue Tit 12
Great Tit 4 (1)
Lesser Redpoll 2
Reed Bunting 3
One each of Coal Tit, Jay,Chaffinch and Siskin.

3M Blackbird

Other birds seen were a flock of 14 Siskin and 5+ Redpoll, a Crossbill was heard flying over.

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