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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Could do better...

Saturday 20th March saw the group at Caister beach at 5.30am, with the intention of catching some Linnets.
22 Linnets and 8 Snow Bunting were seen near the seed  the day before.
Once the Snow Bunts depart for ther breeding grounds the Linnets start arriving and using the seed.
The birds were playing it cagey and when they got anywhere near  they were flushed off by various things.
How ever we did catch 5 of the 8 Snow Bunts, with 3 new/1 retrap and a colour ringed bird from Kessingland, Suffolk, but only 1 Linnet obliged.


B3 From Kessingland, Suffolk

Mrs. B3

Another 5F (Nivalis)

5M Linnet

3 of us then went off to a broadland site to put up another Barn Owl box. The site has been crying out for a box and we have finally got round to doing it.
 As we approached the building 10 Cranes took off in the field behind, what a fantastic sight.
 On entering the building a Stock Dove flew out, this had a nest  with 3 egg's !

The new site

The new box in situ

In the evening we had a return visit to Hickling for the Ducks. The pond was being fed for the last time this Winter. As we approached about 60 Teal , 10 Mallard and 3 Shoveller took off !
The same nets were erected as before, but again they came back too early and most flying off to feed else where.
 We did manage to ring 2 Teal and another Mallard.
I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank James for his permission and all the effort he has put in to feed
the ducks this Winter.

The duck pond

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