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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Third time lucky

The day did not start too well with phone calls made at 5am to change the ringing arrangements - firstly the plan was to go do the cover-crop at Winterton but the 25mph NE did not help matters, so this was abandoned for plan B.

The new plan was to go to Caister Beach to whoosh-net Snow Buntings as 33 were seen the day before on the seed.

It looks cold and it was!

Some of the members looking fed up and really cold!

These did not play ball after 2.5 hours in the biting NE only 4 were caught. (3 New and 1 Control).


5M (CONTROL) Colour ringed bird from Kessingland, Suffolk

So the whoosh net was packed up quickly and we headed off to the broads for plan C . One two shelf wader net was erected near the waters' edge and resulted in 10 new birds being ringed:-
Greylag Goose 1
Moorhen 1
Coot 8


This was a good catch considering no Coot were ringed in Norfolk last year!
This also resulted in new birds for Gary and Justin.

At least they look a bit happier now! !
Justin trying to send his Coot to sleep

OH Shit!!!
Not the sort of thing you want to blunder into a mist net!!

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