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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Migrants arrive

Over the weekend more migrants have been arriving. The first Swallows were seen over the garden at Ormesby on Friday, Saturday had Wheatear at Caister, several Chiffs and Blackcap at Ormesby and Sunday produced a singing Willow Warbler at Caister and Brambling at Ormesby.

The most Stunning news was Sunday afternoon when several people had rang to inform me that a Juvenile White- tailed Eagle !!!! was moving along the coast and may be heading my way ! We moved to the garden and started to look skywards, after 3/4's of an hour we were beginning to feel it wasn't our day. Another phone call was taken, it was at Winterton now and still coming our way. This called for desperate measures, armed with my bins I scrambled up our  bungalow roof to get an all round view. Within 10 minutes there it was flying first East then on seeing Caister turning south towards Gt.Yarmouth , it was putting up everything in its path. A shout to Mel had her in the front garden watching it also. What an awesome bird !
Thanks to All for the updates and calls,it was tracked a very long way (from Lincolnshire thru' north Norfolk to east Norfolk) and could still be in the area for tomorrow morning. 

Armed, poised and dangerous!!!

On Saturday we were again at Caister for some more Linnets, there were about 40 in the area. 
18 were caught with 17 new and a retrap from a couple of weeks ago, the males are starting to look very handsome now........(no not the picture above, the one below....)

Mr. Handsome

Several small flocks of Linnet and Chaffinch were moving through south all morning and 7 Shelduck flew north offshore.

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  1. I really envy you seeing that WT Eagle, I imagine they look huge when taken away from the immense scale of the Highlands. Sadly I checked Birdguides too late last night to know in time. Then this morning found out it had roosted locally and had been reported only an hour before so dashed over there only to find out it had been reported over Caister at about the time I walked out of the door in Rollesby! I really will have to get a pager one day!