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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Warblers Return

On Sunday 10th April we met at Winterton again for the second visit this year. The weather was good with a light SW, cool first thing then warming up to 14°C . There were a few more Warblers about now, with at least 5 Willow Warblers singing. It was nice to retrap some Wablers from previous years, see details below. 

Adult Male Blackcap

Mr. Blackie

37 birds were caught with 22 new and 15 ( retraps).
WREN; 1 (2)
DUNNOCK; 0 (3) One from 25/04/2009 and another from 21/04/2007
ROBIN; 2 (2)
BLACKCAP; 4 (3) One retrap was from Spring of last year and the other from the Autumn.
They were originally ringed 24/04/2010 and  04/09/2010 respectively.The first was a returning adult and the second a juvenile born in 2010.
WILLOW WARBLER; 4 (1) From two Spring's ago, being originally ringed 25/04/2009
GREAT TIT; 1 (3)

1st Summer Female Blackcap

Mrs. Blackie

For the second year running a pair of Treecreepers were watched nest building within the same area as last year. A Roe Deer was seen on the track and Gary found an Adder skin that had been shed.

A couple of boxes have been checked recently, both containing Tawny Owls, one with 3 eggs the other 3 chicks.

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