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Saturday, 19 June 2010

'Flaming' June

With a 20mph Northerly blowing and temperatures of 11°C it was more like Winter than Summer. No chance of any mist netting again, so the order of the day was to check a few more boxes.
The Barn Owl chicks are now getting big enough to ring, a brood of 2 and 3 were ringed. No prey items were found in any of the boxes and at one site the adult was out hunting in broad daylight at 9am! However, the chicks seemed to be of a reasonable weight and doing well, time will tell.

Looking sweet

A slightly older chick with a more pronounced facial disc.

Difference in wing growth and patterning

More boxes contained Stock Dove, they seem to like our Barn Owl boxes, at least something is using them.

Adult Stock Dove

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