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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Windhovers at Lound

In somewhat balmier weather Dave and Justin set out on Sunday evening to check some barn owl boxes and a kestrel box at Lound Lakes. All of the barn owl boxes were empty aside from one containing a young jackdaw sitting proudly atop a wood pile almost completely filling the box. The kestrel box however proved to be a success with three youngsters looking out with fierce eyes and even fiercer talons; well two of them were anyway! They were ringed, weighed and measured before being returned safely to the nest. A good result for the first use since the box was installed a couple of years ago.

Spot the shy one!

On route to one of the owl boxes a strange noise was heard in a meadow and after a brief search a 1J lesser whitethroat was discovered that must have taken a wrong turn from a nearby hedgerow. Moments later another was found hiding in the long sward. Both fledglings were quickly ringed and reunited with their sibling calling loudly from the hedgerow. A nice surprise rounding off a pleasant evening seeing a welcome break to the recent windy cold spell.

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