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Sunday, 6 May 2012

A couple of old friends.

At last the weather broke and it has stopped raining long enough to check some big boxes.
Some have had Tawny's with most of the others containing Jackdaws on eggs.

Arthur, Gary and box. (These aren't the only old friends!)

5 sites have produced Tawny Owls with 9 pulli being ringed and a retrapped female.

A brood of 3, one being too small to take a ring and will probably end up as dinner for its siblings.

Another older brood.

The boxes at Martham x2, Winterton and Rollesby  all had 2 chicks and Ormesby St. Michael had the brood of 3.  It was at Ormesby when we again became acquainted with one of our old friends GC18044.
This female was originally ringed on 07/05/2007 and has been retrapped at this site in 2009, 2011 and 2012.

Old Lady.

The second old friend this week turned out to be an adult male Sparrowhawk retrapped in the garden.
This bird obviously enjoys my garden very much as it was originally ringed 23/02/2008 and has been retrapped 5 times since! On 03/10/2008, 29/03/2009, 27 and 30/12/2010 and lastly 03/05/2012. 

Old boy.

Also in the garden on 06/05/2012 the first juveniles of the year were ringed, 2 Dunnock and a Blackbird. Hopefully there is more to come.

3J Dunnock

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