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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Little Tern Recovery

We have just heard from the BTO about NW82383.
A Little Tern that was originally ringed as a chick at Gt.Yarmouth, North beach on 29th June 1995 and recovered at La Somone, Senegal on 13th April 2009, a duration of 5037 days (thats nearly 14 years) and a distance of 4560 km !
It was intentionally taken so hopefully is still going strong and may be on its way back to Norfolk now.
 I wonder how many miles its flown in its life time ? Birds are truly amazing!

Little Tern Pulli

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  1. That's a great record, Kevan.. recoveries like this must make all the effort worthwhile.. will look out for NW82383 when I am back in Winterton in May..!