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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Nest Boxes

Saturday 15th saw the group on there annual Tit box visits.
Tooled up and,ready for action

 5 different areas were checked with 23 boxes being occupied, 7 Great Tit and 16 Blue Tit. This is about half of our boxes, more to check soon.

Tit habitat

Another Tit location

Most of the boxes contained newly hatched chicks or eggs, so there was not a lot of birds ringed.
GREAT TIT; 9 Pulli, 3 new adults and a retrap from Dec/09.
BLUE TIT; 1 new adult and a retrap from May/08.
Some of the boxes are in need of repair after being 'peckered', All will have to be checked again in a weeks time to ring the chicks.

'Peckered box'

One box contained some sought of Mouse nest, the occupants were not at home and another contained a Solitary Wasp nest.
Wasp nest on underside of the roof.

On the journey round Dave had a Red Kite flying NW over Winterton. A Crane was seen circling over head and 2 cuckoo's were seen.
Several Orange Tips, Speckled Woods , Large Red Damselfly's and a Hairy Hawker were observed.
 Also a superb micro moth, Adela Reaumurella.

Large Red Damselfly

Adela Reaumurella

The evening before 3 Chaffinch pulli were ringed at Ormesby.

Chaffinch pulli